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Проектирани във връзка с ултраширокия байонет Z, фотоапаратите Nikon Z ви дават свободата да създавате невероятни снимки и хипнотизиращи филми.


Nikon Z fc Black

The Z fc mirrorless camera was the first Z-series model to combine a ‘heritage’ design with advanced mirrorless technology – not only was it ideal for capturing stills and videos, customers were proud to own it. Following the tremendous success of last year’s silver version, the release of the Nikon Store exclusive Black Edition fulfils customer demand, and reflects Nikon’s ambition to encourage even more to enjoy the timeless Z fc. As well as this, six new colours for the Premium Exterior have been added, exclusively available for the Z fc Black Edition – totalling 12 different colour variations for the Z fc Silver and Z fc Black combined

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